New Toys

New Toys

I placed a new order with Element Games and they arrived between Christmas and the New Year.

This is to upgrade my 1/72 WWII American army.

The Armourfast kits are pretty basic, with few parts but they are aimed more at the wargamer than the modeller, who wants to be able to field resources quickly without spending hours on each kit

I got 10 military vehicles in the form of

  • 2 Sherman Fireflys
  • 2 Sherman M4s
  • 4 Sherman M4A3s and
  • 2 M10 Tank Destroyers

I added some extra infantry to the set my daughter bought me for Christmas, so I got another box of Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 Late War Americans and a box of US Infantry Heavy Weapons which consists of;

  • 3 x M1917 machine guns
  • 3 x M1919 machine guns
  • 3 x Browning 0.5 cal machine guns
  • 3 x 60mm mortars
  •  x 81mm mortars, and
  • 3 x 4.2inch chemical mortars

And finally, I added some more Vallejo paints and pigments. This time I grabbed the colours that I didn’t have from their Rust & Chipping set.

I put together all 10 tanks in under two hours and undercoated them that evening. More to follow…

I love new toys!
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