More Hedges & Fences

//More Hedges & Fences

More Hedges & Fences

As I’m in a bit of a terrain mode at the moment, I thought I’d add to my collection of hedges and fences.

I picked up a some hanging basket liners from my local Poundshop, you get 2 circular liners for a quid. They’re made from coir and can be cut up into strips. They are very thin so I tease the fibres out to make them a little thicker, spray them brown and then flock them up.

Next I made some out of green pan scourers. You can get a pack of six for a quid from Wilkos, but the Poundshop do them as well I think. These are similarly cut into strips, sprayed brown and then flocked up. I also made some gate sections to go with them.

Lastly I did some more fencing. I made quite a bit of similar fences for my Wild West scenery with sand coloured bases, so I wanted some more in keeping with my European stuff with dark brown bases.

These are made with coffee stirrers, I bought a box of 1,000 for a few quid on Ebay. I used kebab skewers for the uprights and used PVA to construct the fencing and gates. They are glued to card bases with a hot glue gun and then painted up.

You can see how I got on in the video below…

Fencing from Coffee Stirrers and Kebab Skewers
More Fences and Hedges
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