Making Pine Trees from Bottle Brushes

//Making Pine Trees from Bottle Brushes

Making Pine Trees from Bottle Brushes

I started making these a couple of weeks ago and managed to knock about 15 of them up over two or three days.

They are really simple and quick to make with no mucking about making wire armatures and then flocking horsehair or some other material. It’s really just a case of cutting the brushes to shape, sticking them on a base and spray painting them.

The biggest problem is finding a supply of brushes. I checked Ebay but there wasn’t a great deal of choice. I had a rummage around the shops in the town centre and found a few but they were a few quid each and had fancy plastic handles which didn’t have enough stem to make the trunk out of, mostly baby bottle brushes.

Home Bargains had the ones I ended up using, they were about 70p and you can cut them down to various sizes for variety. I also got 2 or 3 from Wilkinsons, but these are much bigger and cost £2 each. They were in the home brewing section.

I think they look quite effective considering the amount of work you don’t have to put into making them.

Home Bargains Bottle Brushes
Cut down to size
based and painted
How they look on the wargames table
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