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In June this year, I started a new job. It mean that rather than driving down the motorway for 17 miles, as I had been doing for the previous 15 years, I could walk to work in less than ten minutes. (Actually, I cycle in around 4 minutes).

I now work on the edge of the town centre which means that I can pop into town for my meager 30 minute break and peruse the local shops.

We are fortunate to still have an independent book shop. One dinner time I popped in to see what they had in their bargain section. They usually have a stack of military history books on special offer.

I spotted, dotted amongst different shelves, a series of books published by Pen & Sword on WWII. Some of the title didn’t interest me but a few did. The cover price is £9.99 and I think they were on offer for about four quid. I picked up the following:

  • Panzers at War 1943-1945” by Bob Carruthers. ISBN 178159131-8, part of the “Hitler’s War Machine” series.
  • Eastern Front: Night Combat” by Bob Carruthers. ISBN 178159222-5, part of the “Eastern Front From Primary Sources” series.
  • The Waffen SS in the East 1941 – 1943” by Nicholas Milton, ISBN 178159137-7, part of the above Eastern Front series.

I’ve not read them yet, merely flicked through them, unfrotunately with the new job came less free time. The Waffen SS is basically a 200-page collection of photographs with explanatory text. Apart from the four-page intro, there is one or two photographs on every single page.

The Night Combat book has no photographs but has some maps and diagrams.

The Panzers at War book is liberally sprinkled with photos of fighting vehicles and has a useful appendix with information on divisional units, makeup, battle history and insignia.

You can find out more about these books and the others in the series at the Pen & Sword Website.

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