BA at LAG 2

BA at LAG 2

We had our second games day at Lost Ark Games in Stevenage.

This time I took Mark, my regular opponent at Letchworth Wargames Club, over to the shop for a Sunday spent playing Bolt Action. We haven’t played Bolt Action for a few months as we kind of got sidetracked into Wild West stuff, so it took a while to remember how to play. Luckily there were two other games going on so we had several experts to help us with rules.

I lent Mark my Fallschirmjager army while I played the US Airborne. Mark’s specialist units consisted of a sniper, mortar, flamethrower, panzerfaust and heavy machine gun while I had a Sherman, 57mm AT gun, sniper and bazooka team.

Terrain layout
View from the US right flank
US First Squad advance towards the road

We both made errors in setting up our units; Mark set up his mortar behind a wood and forgot that without a spotter he couldn’t fire at anything beyond the wood as it was out of sight. I set up my AT gun on the far left flank and had to spend 3 moves advancing it as it couldn’t see any targets due to buildings and hedges

The Sherman advances from the right flank
The Americans approach the road
View of the cross roads

We both advances towards the road which cut the terrain down the middle. The Sherman took the right flank, far from the German mortar and HMG but the Germans ran their flamethrower and panzerschrek towards it.

The Sherman managed to take out the German officer inside a house in the rear of the German area but the flamethrower advanced towards the American tank, eventually taking it out after losing his assistant.

The Sherman trying to machine gun the German flamethorwer
The US officers try to support the second squad
The Sherman gets taken out by a flamethrower

The American and Germans both managed to inflict casualties but as the moves went on it was the Germans who took the victory scoring 2 more dice than the Americans.

The US AT Gun advancing towards the road where it would start to fire upon units in the buildings by the crossroads
Action at the crossroads
The Sherman gets taken out by a flamethrower
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