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Warlord Games Waffen SS

Two or three months ago I bought myself a box of the warlord Game 28mm metal Waffen SS figures.

I got them from Lost Ark Games in Stevenage and put them on the pile of ‘stuff to do’ where they have remained until this weekend, when I decided to put them together.

I have some metal figures from Artisan and Black Tree Design but these are the first warlord metals I’ve got.

There are 20 figures in the set, or in my case, 21. You get plenty of spare heads/helmets in the box with different helmets but only one officers cap and one NCO cap, the rest are all helmets. There are enough figures for a couple of squads of rifle and machine gun plus you get some specialists in the form of 2 radio men, a medic, a machine gunner and loader, a rifleman with panzerfaust and an 81mm mortar with three crew. Unfortunately, my box was missing the mortar tube, so I’ve emailed warlord asking if they can send a replacement.

I’ve mounted the figures on the plastic bases which came with the kit and added metal washers and am looking forward to trying out the Waffen SS colour schemes – if I ever get some free time.

You can see my 10 minutes video review of the figures underneath the photos below.

Warlord Games Waffen SS Box Front
Warlord Games Waffen SS Box Rear
Missing Mortar
Waffen SS Figures
Waffen SS Figures
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