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Warbases Paint Rack

Paint. There comes a time when you get so many paints you need a way to organise them.

I’ve got a reasonably large collection of paint, mainly Tamiya and Vallejo with some Citadel & Humbrol thrown in. My main paints are in a flat box sitting on the bin beside my desk. It means they are quite difficult to select as all you can see mostly is the white lids, so it usually takes ages of going through them all to find a specific colour.

I saw some paint racks on the Warbases stand at Salute 2017 and took delivery of  3 of them today. They are specifically for the Vallejo style bottles and they way they are held means you can easily see the colour and shade via the bottom of the bottle.

The kits are nice and clean, as you’d expect from laser-cut MDF and go together well. They could be a tad tighter and would probably hold up to snap-fit rather than glue, but I went for the wood-glue option to provide extra stability.

You can see how I got on with them in the video below.

You can find the paint racks on the Warbases website.

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