Using Magnets with Wargaming Assets

//Using Magnets with Wargaming Assets

Using Magnets with Wargaming Assets

I thought I would do a quick review of how I use magnets in my wargame modelling.

I started using magnets when I first restarted collecting and painting 1/100 or 15mm tanks; I wanted to be able to have the turrets movable but be able to remove them when they got destroyed on the gaming table.

You can get magnets in all sorts of sizes from Ebay and elsewhere. The ones I use are Neodymium magnets. They are sometimes called ‘rare earth magnets’. If you put “Neodymium magnets” into Google or Ebay you’ll find tons of sources.

I use a Dremmel-type tool to drill out holes for the magnets in my tanks or figures and then glue them in with epoxy resin. You have to be careful to match u the holes before committing to the drill, especially where the two surfaces are completely flat as the two halves will join where the magnets are and not necessarily where you want them to join. This isn’t such a problem with turrets because the turret sits in a defined hole and can’t align anywhere else, but with things like tank skirts the positioning of the magnets is very important if you don’t ant them sitting all skew-wiff.

You can see how I use them in the video below.

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