Russian Army Ready To Go

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Russian Army Ready To Go

My Russian Bolt Action army is now almost complete.

I’ve spent the last few days finishing off the rest of my unpainted figures. I completed the tanks a couple of weeks ago with some weathering and wanted to finish off the infantry so I can field an army at the next meeting of the Wargames Club in Letchworth.

The bulk of the army is Plastic Soldier Company 28mm figures, these make up infantry and I also have a box of artillery and special weapons which include machine guns, AT rifles and mortars.

The only thing I need to finish now is a truck which has been undercoated and needs the paint job finishing.

So far the army contains:

  • KV1/KV2 tank
  • IS2 tank
  • T-34 76mm tank
  • T-34 85mm tank
  • Studebaker US6 6×6 truck
  • 2 x 45mm anti tank guns & crew
  • 2 x 50mm mortars & 2 crew
  • 2 x 82mm mortars & 3 crew
  • 4 x Maxim machine guns (2 static, 2 being pulled)
  • 5 x anti tank rifle teams (3 static, 2 being carried)
  • 9 x machine gun teams (5 static, 4 being carried)
  • 2 x sniper teams
  • 3 x medics
  • 3 x orderlies
  • 5 officers
  • 2 x 11-man rifle squads
  • 2 x 9-man rifle squads
  • 3 x 9-man smg squads

I’m quite pleased with the overall result and can’t wait to get them into action.

Russian Army
Russian Army
Russian Army Rifle Squads
45mm Anti Tank Guns
45mm Anti Tank Guns
82mm Mortars & Crew
82mm Mortars & Crew
50mm Mortars & Crew
T-34 85
Maxim Machine Gun Crews
Russian Medics
Russian Officers
Sniper Teams
LMG & AT Teams
Maxim Machine Guns
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