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New Airbrush

I bought an Aztek A4709 airbrush about 10 years ago when I was making some aircraft kits and got it out of the loft recently to paint some tanks.

I’ve never really gotten on too well with the airbrush, I can never get a decent flow of paint and I was getting so frustrated with it that I decided to splash out on a new airbrush.

I watched a few tutorial videos on YouTube and one of the guys recommended a Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline, so I did a quick web search and found a few retailers in the UK.

The Silverline comes in a couple of version, the Two in One comes with two needles, 0.4mm and 0.2mm, so I opted for that.

I found the brush on the Everything Airbrush website for £136 and on the Graphics Direct site for £128. And as an added bonus the Graphics Direct website had an introductory offer of 10% off a first order with them; I ordered the airbrush and also a cleaning pot and air hose. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a stand for the brush so I got that via Everything Airbrush together with a cleaning kit and some airbrush cleaner.

The airbrush arrived the following day via DPD. I went to connect it to my compressor only to discover it uses a different sized connector than the Aztec. I found a connector kit which had 4 different connectors at Everything Airbrush and a quick email to them made sure they put the kit in with the previous order. Their delivery arrived the following day, Christmas Eve, I was very impressed with their service and will sue them again for any airbrush requirements.

The Atzec A4709 comes with 7 needles
New Toys!
The Silverline Two in One comes with an extra needle
A few accessories
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