Hello world!

//Hello world!

Hello world!

Hi, and welcome to my “Paint & Glue” website!

I set up this site to document my re-entry into modelling and wargaming.

I’ve always had an interest in model soldiers, wargaming and modelling. Like millions of other young lads I had all the Airfix and Revell model aircraft hanging from threads from the bedroom ceiling, this continued into my teens when I discovered wargaming, mainly Napoleonic 25mm. Over the years I built up a large collection of metal figures and enjoyed visiting the local hobby ship on the town centre and going through boxes of Hinchliffe figures to add to my French Army.

I used to wargame with an old school mate who eventually ended up giving me his British and Prussian Armies. As I got int adulthood and working life I wargamed less and less until the figures were consigned to the loft.

I made the occasional model but life moved on and other interests took over. About 8 years ago I put all my metal Napoleonics on Ebay and sold the lot. Then, a couple of years later I started to get interested again and regretted selling them.

I’ve started to build up a Napoleonic French army again only this time with plastic figures from Perry and Victorix. This year I discovered Bolt Action, Flames of War and the like and have started to build up some WWII armies.

This website is to document my progress as I rediscover an interest which has largely remained on the back burner for the last 35 years.

I welcome comments and suggestions!


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