First Bolt Action Experience

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First Bolt Action Experience

I had my first experience of Bolt Action this week.

I was invited to observe a game this week by an old work colleague. I used to know Ken many years ago when we worked together and bumped into him again on the Bolt Action Facebook page very recently.

Ken has been wargaming with Colin for over 20 years and I was invited round to Colin’s home in Biggleswade to watch as they started a USA -v- Japan Bolt Action campaign.

They set up a couple of 700 point Armies and I got to pull the dice for them. Ken ended up on the losing side having been just about wiped out by the Japanese.

The last time I wargamed must have been around 35 years ago and I must admit I enjoyed it very much. Ken and Colin explained the rules as we went along though I did have some difficulty in following and understanding the points system and the die rolls required; I expect that’s just a case of getting used to the points-based system. I’ve had the Bolt Action rulebook for 2 or 3 months but have only really glanced through it.

The game does seem to be heavily luck-oriented with most of the important outcomes based on the roll of the dice. I’ll have to see how that plays out when I get to actually play the game myself.

I’m looking forward to having my first game, as soon as I can get one of my armies painted up.

The American Marines take on a detachment of Imperial Japanese Army in game one of a new campaign.
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