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Chinese Trees

I wanted to sort out some trees for my terrain. As I’ve been working on my hex terrain, I haven’t done anything about putting something of interest on it.

I have started to make a few wire trees but I’m not overly happy with them just yet, so I set about trying to find some pre-made stuff to get me up and running.

Over the last couple of years I’ve ordered quite a lot of stuff from AliExpress in China, mainly paracord stuff for another hobby of making paracord bracelets and I was sure they’d have hundreds of model trees. So I made some orders.

I ordered  2 sets of winter pine trees at $3.28 for 10 per pack. I also ordered a set of 20 green trees in 4 different sizes.

In another order I got 3 different sets of 1/250 and 1/100 scale trees. There are 40 pieces in two of the sets and 20 in the other. Two sets were around £3.30 and the other was about £4.00.

The orders were placed on 4th May. The thing about getting stuff from China is that it is cheap, but the delivery times can be  a pain. The first two packs arrived in 9 days, which is pretty good. As of writing on 21st May, the other sets haven’t arrived yet, I’m hopeful they will arrive this week.

The trees are small and light enough to put onto the 25mm round MDF bases I purchased for my soldiers, at least I hope they are, I guess I’ll find out when I actually set up a wargame.

So the first thing to do was to base them all. I used a hot glue gun to put a blob of glue on the base and it was then just a case of holding the tree still until the glue cooled down enough to hold the weight of the tree; it was usually about 45 seconds to a minute & a half.

Then I PVA’d some course sand onto the bases which were then painted brown, highlighted white, as per my soldier bases, and then a bit of green flock added with PVA glue.The winter pines were about 11 to 12.5cm tall from the base.

The green trees came as a set of 20 with 5 trees in 4 different sizes. So the smallest are just 5cm tall while the largest are 10cm tall. The small ones look about the scale equivalent to about a foot taller than the 28mm WWII infantry  I have.

These aren’t the most robust, nor the best trees I’ve ever seen, but given the price and the fact they’ve come halfway across the world, they do represent good value for money.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the others compare, when they eventually arrive.

Summer Trees from Aliexpress
Winter Pine Trees from Aliexpress
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