Americans’ First Battle

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Americans’ First Battle

This week at the wargames club, I took my American Airborne troops out for their first ever battle. They took on Mark’s 1,000pt German five-dice army including his Tiger.

I didn’t have quite enough painted Airborne for 1,000 points so I borrowed a squad of GIs to boost the army. I took 2 squads of Airborne, 1 squad of GIs, a 57mm AT team, with sniper and officer teams.

I also had enough points for a Sherman M4.

There was no real scenario, we just started at either end of the board and headed for the town in the middle. As we are still learning the rules it’s currently just a case of trying stuff out against each other and working our way through the rule book.

Unfortunately, the index provided with the Bolt Action V2 rules is quite inadequate for a learner. maybe if I get the time I’ll create my own index.

The setup at turn two from the American viewpoint
The GI unit advance towards the houses on the right flank
The 57mm AT gun was to prove quite ineffective
Second US Airborne Squad advance towards the village
The Germans advance towards the village

Both armies advanced over the first three rounds with the Germans entering the village first.  They moved into the houses on their left flank whilst the American GI unit tried to outflank them.

Meanwhile, the two US Airborne squads moved up to the wrecked houses, led by the Sherman.

The German Tiger remains still during the first two moves
The Airborne units advance on the wrecked houses while the Sherman punches through to get a shot at the Tiger.
The GI unit debate whether to assault the Germans in the house or run passed them
The AT unit misses the Tiger again
The Sherman sneaks forward to get sight of the Tiger while the sniper team advanced towards the house
Airborne Squad 2 run across the open land after the GIs were wiped out by the Germans in the house

We managed to get in six rounds before time beat us.

In terms of dice left at the end of the game the Germans came out with all five of theirs though they had taken some casualties.

Ultimately, the Germans took more casualties by occupying the houses and shooting at the Americans from point blank range.

This being our third ever game it is good to see that the speed of the turns is increasing as we rely on the book less, but there are still lots of new outcomes we need to look up so it will take a few more games before we can leave the rule book on the table.

The GIs about to get wiped out by the Germans in the houses.
View from the Wrecked Village
The Sherman bravely takes on the Tiger
The Sherman pops put for a shot at the Tiger
The first Airborne Squad peeks out at the Germans in the house opposite
Inevitably, the Sherman is destroyed by the Tiger after the previous shot immobilises it
The Tiger looks on as the Sherman burns. The crew escaped but the Americans didn't have any models to depict them.
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