Ambush at the Saloon

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Ambush at the Saloon

What with one thing and another, Christmas being one, I haven’t been to the Wargames club for a few weeks, so it was good to get back down there on a foggy and damp Wednesday night.

I’d arranged with my gaming pal, Mark, that we’d do another Wild West game in our “Rules with No Name” series. Our last couple of games have been US Cavalry versus Indians and I’ve had to use Mark’s figures, so I suggested we went back to some town-based action utilising my Letchworth City buildings.

I gave my six Pinkerton Detectives a run out against six of Mark’s desperados.

Unfortunately Mark was delayed so we were limited to a 90 minute game. We decided to throw dice for the scenario. A 1 or 2 meant the outlaws knew the Pinkertons were coming, 3 or 4 was a straight street gun battle and 5 or 6 meant the outlaws were in a bar surrounded by Pinkertons.

I rolled a 5 so Mark set up his figures in the saloon on his side of the table. I placed my detectives in cover around the saloon with one in the building opposite.

The first shots came from the saloon out of the windows but were quite ineffectual. The figures are drawn from card chits so the order they play is quite random. There are also extra chits with no name which can be picked up by the next player who draws and equivalently skilled figure. So we played with one ‘legend’, one ‘shootist’ and four gunmen. If a legend chit is drawn the next player who draws their own legend can pick up the spare chit and use it as an extra go.

On 2 turns running the legend chit came out immediately before my own legend’s name was drawn so on both occasions I was able to move out of cover and fire at the saloon using my own move and then move back into cover using the spare legend chit, meaning and didn’t have to expose. Myself to fire from the saloon. Sadly I didn’t score any hits.

After a few short rounds – a round ends of the joker chit is pulled which often means some figures don’t get a move for several turns running – Mark decided to change tactics from taking pot shots out of the windows to jumping out and trying to attack the Pinkertons.

He charged one of his outlaws at Mr Tan across the street from the saloon. Unfortunately for Mr Tan, the outlaw was armed with a sword against Mr Tan’s pistol butt. With 5 dice against 2 the chances of Pinkerton coming out on top were slim and sure enough, he managed to inflict a serious wound to Mr Tan’s arm. The fight continued for 2 more turns with no winner at the end of game.

I wasn’t able to inflict any injuries on any of Mark’s team but suffered 2 Pinkerton injuries. There were no fatalities on either side.

The Layout for this weeks Rules with No Name game
The Outlaws exit the saloon to attack the Pinkertons
Hand to hand combat in the Wild West
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